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Band Members:

Fabio Lione – Vocals
Rafael Bittencourt – Guitar
Marcelo Barbosa – Guitar
Felipe Andreoli – Bass
Bruno Valverde – Drums

Band Info:

Year Formed – 1991
Country – Brazil
Record Label – earMUSIC



Angra - Secret Garden

Secret Garden

Angra - Angels Cry 20th Anniversary Tour

Angels Cry – 20th Anniversary Tour

Angra - Aqua


Angra - Aurora Consurgens

Aurora Consurgens

Angra - Temple of Shadows

Temple of Shadows

Angra - Live in San Paulo

Live in San Paulo

Angra - Rebirth


Angra - Fireworks


Angra - Holy Land

Holy Land

Angra - Angels Cry

Angels Cry



Originally formed back in 1991, Angra is one of the biggest names of Brazilian heavy metal worldwide, due to their many acclaimed albums and the building of a glorious career. The Brazilian quintet is a musical reference, with its symphonic interludes and highly technical arrangements, plus the alchemy with metal and Brazilian regional elements. Angra is today an example of versatility in music.

Endowed with a rare sense of direction among Brazilian bands, Angra did not wait for things to happen on their own, and in 1992 their first demo tape was recorded. Titled ‘Reaching Horizons’, it sparked huge interest among metal fans in Brazil, Europe and Japan, which led the group to record their debut album at KAI HANSEN’S [HELLOWEEN] studio in Hamburg – Germany. The result is the album “Angels Cry”, which truly changed the Brazilian metal scene and solidified Angra as a force within the closed European circuit of melodic metal.

The band managed to achieve the unthinkable for a Brazilian group in this style: over 100.000 copies sold in Japan where, due to the huge and unexpected success of ‘Angels Cry’, an EP was then released with some remixed tracks. Angra was taken to the top at the yearly reader’s poll for by the specialized publication Rock Brigade, where they were awarded as Best New Band, Best Album, Best Vocalist, Best Album Cover and best keyboardist. ‘Angels Cry’ was only released in Europe in 1994, with immediate commercial and critic success.

Later that year Angra played at the first edition of MONSTERS OF ROCK festival in Brazil, sharing the stage with big names like KISS, BLACK SABBATH and SLAYER. Following their success at the festival, the band began a long tour through their country, leading them to a European tour in 1995.

In 1996, Angra dared even more with the album ‘Holy Land’, permeated by orchestral arrangements, choirs and Brazilian rhythms, which made this album an even greater commercial success than “Angels Cry”. As a result, the band played their first tour in Japan and presented a new EP, ‘Holy Live’, recorded live in Paris.

In 1998 the prolific group had two releases: the EP “Lisbon” and the album “Fireworks”, which was more focused on traditional heavy metal and with less of the neoclassical influences that were already part of style and repertoire of the band. An extensive and quite successful world tour supported the album.

In 2000, the band released the first box set ever released by a Brazilian heavy metal group: “Holy Box”.

2001 saw the band release one of his strongest works to date: “Rebirth,” an overwhelming critical and commercial acclaim in Brazil and abroad, selling over 100,000 copies in less than two months, something inconceivable for a metal band without great support from the mainstream media. They went Gold Record in Brazil, and “Rebirth” has sold over a million records so far. In 2002, the EP “Hunters and Prey” was released amidst the longest world tour the group had ever done.

“Temple of Shadows” marked the band’s return to the studio. Released in 2004, the album exceeded 250,000 copies sold and put the group on the road until most of the following year, through Latin America, Europe, Japan, Asia and Oceania.

“Aurora Consurgens” arrived in 2006 and marked the beginning of a brief hiatus in the activities of the band – worn out by the grueling routine of touring. Angra only played live sporadically in this period, and the release of their next album, “Aqua” [2010] held the most successful tour in the history of heavy metal in Brazil: a joint tour with SEPULTURA.

In 2013 the group returned to the world stage, this time with the Italian singer Fabio Lione [Rhapsody of Fire].The band presented a one-off show playing with Lione at the 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise. Not long after, the band was highly acclaimed by the public in their native São Paulo at the LIVE N ‘LOUDER festival, where Angra performed with renowned names like TWISTED SISTER, SODOM, LOUDNESS, METAL CHURCH and MOLLY HATCHETT.

Throughout the year 2013 and 2014 the band performed a successful tour that celebrated the 20th anniversary of the release of their first album, “Angels Cry”, and traveled throughout Latin America with amazing performances and great public support.

Between the first and the second part of that tour, the group returned to the studio to record a new album with Italian vocalist Fabio Lione.

After four years without releasing any new music, the moment fans have eagerly been waiting for is very close. Angra‘s new album “Secret Garden” shows the band in top form.

Pre-produced by legendary producer Roy Z (Judas Priest, Bruce Dickinson, Halford) and recorded and produced in Sweden by the talented Jens Bogren (Kreator, Arch Enemy, Opeth, Dragonforce), “Secret Garden” brings together everything that has established Angra as one of biggest bands in its style: contemporary sound combined with inspired compositions.

The album will be released on January 16th, 2015.

“Secret Garden” shows the maturity of a band that, after 23 years on the road, continues with the same motivation and passion for music that drove the glorious beginning of the group. The compositions mend together elements that made the band known around the world, foregrounding the unity of seemingly distinct styles and combining in a unique way styles such as rock – in its various forms, classical music and Brazilian music.

“Secret Garden” is yet another masterpiece by the group and promises to become a great classic in the metal world. Like almost all of Angra’s work, “Secret Garden” is a concept album which brings up the question: can something that does not exist to the eyes or is not perceived by the senses be considered as non-existent?

The songs tell the fictional story of scientist Morten Vrolik who fights to restore his happiness after a tragic accident that took the life of his wife. Faced with the harsh new reality, Morten is forced to revise his atheistic beliefs and values in order to recover a sense of personal contentment that was taken away by fate. The sudden change in his routine, the adaptability, synchronicity, loneliness, guilt, hope and the strength to rise anew are some of the topics discussed in the lyrics, always put to light under different perspectives – be they religious, scientific, philosophical or merely aesthetic.

Angra, the most representative band of the Brazilian power metal scene worldwide, is back with full power. Italian vocalist Fabio Lione embeds the music with his powerful voice and impressive performance whereas young prodigy Bruno Valverde impresses on drums, giving the group a more modern sound.

One of the great strengths of the album is the variety of great guest musicians: Simone Simons from the Dutch band Epica divinely interprets the song “Secret Garden” while the great metal diva Doro Pesch sings an exciting vocal duet with Rafael Bittencourt on “Crushing Room”. Actually, the various appearances of Rafael’s lead vocals make for some of the strongest moments on this album, causing a contrast in tone and interpretation in comparison to Fabio.

The front cover and album design cleverly interlace the music and story into a beautiful artwork – created by designer Rodrigo Bastos Didier, representing the dreamlike moments of the album’s story. The entrance to the secret garden, a representation of the unconscious and the whole atmosphere of mystery intend to bring to the fan an experience that transcends merely listening to the songs.

Once again, Angra brings to the scene a bombastic, electrifying release, capable of generating new trends, justifying with greatness and elegance why they have been recognized as one of the leading global power and progressive metal bands for over two decades.