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Saturday, September 9th

Autograph Session

To be announced.

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Artist Details

Record Label: Peaceville Records
Formed In: 1991
Country: Sweden

Band Members

Jonas Renkse Vocals, Guitar
Anders Nyström Guitar, Backing Vocals
Roger Öjersson Guitar
Niklas Sandin Bass
Daniel Moilanen Drums



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Katatonia Discography

Fall Of Hearts (2016)


Sanctitude (2015)


Kocytean (2014)


Dethroned & Uncrowned (2013)


Last Fair Day Gone Night (2013)


Dead End Kings (2012)


Night Is The New Day (2009)


Live Consternation (2007)


The Great Cold Distance (2006)


My Twin (2006)


July (2006)


The Black Sessions (2005)


Brave Yester Days (2004)


Viva Emptiness (2003)


The Longest Year (2003)


Tonight’s Music (2001)


Last Fair Deal Gone Down (2001)


Teargas (2001)


Tonight’s Decision 1999


Discouraged Ones (1998)


Sounds Of Decay (1997)


Brave Murder Day (1996)


For Funerals To Come (1995)


Dance Of December Souls (1993)


Jhva Elohim Meth (1992)

Katatonia Biography

The passing of time brings longer shadows and darker thoughts to the human mind. Melancholy’s cry is never far from our ears, even in the happiest of times. But while there is no true answer to the meaning of our brief lives, music will always be a reliable and trustworthy companion through fear and uncertainty. Perhaps more than any other contemporary band, Katatonia have long displayed a masterful propensity for expressing the tears and torments of mortality, offering sumptuous glimmers of sonic hope to soothe our troubled souls. In 2016, Stockholm’s widely celebrated soldiers of sorrow will once again stir the blood and embolden our hearts with a brand new album that promises to further cement their already unassailable reputation.The band’s story began in earnest 25 years ago when Jonas Renkse and Anders Nyström first joined forces to explore the limitless possibilities of the then burgeoning doom and death metal scenes. Bands like Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride were standard bearers for British melancholy, but Peaceville label mates Katatonia swiftly established themselves as Sweden’s idiosyncratic equivalent, releasing their debut album Dance Of December Souls at the end of 1993 and receiving immediate acclaim within the metal underground.One listen to the sprawling majesty of Takeover, The Fall Of Hearts’ extraordinary opening track, will confirm that Katatonia have both further refined their unmistakable sound and obliterated many more musical barriers on their latest and perhaps greatest album to date. From driving, muscular and artfully metallic anthems like Serein and Sanction through to the mesmerising vulnerability and elegance of more restrained fare like Decima and The Night Subscriber, The Fall Of Hearts demonstrates how far Katatonia have come since their earliest attempts to harness the melancholic potential of heavy music. It also proves that the band have grown in stature and skill as the decades have melted away.Now adored by fans from across the musical spectrum, from diehard metalheads to dedicated proggers and far beyond, Katatonia arrive at their latest milestone in the rudest of health and with collective spirits ablaze with the opportunities that music continues to present. The Fall Of Hearts is an immersive and frequently disarming journey through the bleakest of metaphysical winters, but your guides through the fog have just enough hope in their hearts to ensure that the experience is both hugely enriching and quite unlike anything else the world has to offer. Mankind’s inevitable demise may be looming ahead, but Katatonia continue to wring life-giving drops of hope from the fabric of our collective downfall. Long may their kaleidoscopic vision of sorrow bring solace to us all.

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