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Friday, September 8th

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To be announced.

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Record Label: Inner Wound Recordings
Formed In: 2010
Country: Greece

Band Members

Vasilis Georgiou Vocals
Gus Drax Guitars
Kostas Milonas Drums
Nick Grey Bass

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Sunburst – Out Of The World [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Sunburst – Dementia [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

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Fragments Of Creation (2016)

Sunburst Biography

Sunburst was formed in 2010 by guitarist Gus Drax, Kostas Milonas and Vasilis Georgiou. Gus and Vasilis knew each other since 2005 and the were planning to do a band together. After Gus’s solo album release he was introduced to Kostas Milonas by Vasilis Liakos who plays bass on Gus solo album and Black Fate and helped Sunburst at their first steps. After Gus and Kostas met, Gus told him about his plan to create a new band and they decided to start the band together.They started working on new song ideas and the first 4 of them were uploaded as demo versions on Youtube in order to grow some attention for the band and show how it sounds. These songs were, “Symbol Of Life”, “Break The Core”, “Forevermore” and a promo video of “Beyond The Darkest Sun.This brought the attention of European booking agencies and promoters and soon Sunburst started playing their first shows.The first one was in Belgium in a small festival called Moonlight Metal Fest along with Vision Divine. In 2013 as the band continued working on material was asked to play with one of their biggest influences, Symphony X.In 2014,Vasilis Liakos announced to the guys that he cannot follow the band schedule and after a very long search Nick Grey joined the band and Sunburst immediately hit the studio and started recording their debut album. In the middle of the recordings the band had the chance to play in one of the biggest European Prog Power festivals. The PPM Metalfest along with famous bands like Saxon,Fates Warning, Vanden Plas, Amorphis and others.In 2015 the band finished all the hard work for the album which was named “Fragments Of Creation” and started discussing with labels for a contract. Inner Wound/Ulterium who knew Gus and Vasilis from a band they also play,Black Fate, was the one who made the best offer and the fact that the band had a great relationship with the label brought a very fast agreement.“Fragments Of Creation” was released in February 27th 2016 by Inner Wound (Europe and USA) and Bickee Music(Japan) and the band did a mini European tour and a few Greek dates in support of the album with an enthousiastic reaction. The album features guest appearances by John K (Biomechanical) who contributed the orchestral arrangements in the song “Remedy Of My Heart,” keyboardist Bob Katsionis (Firewind,Outloud, Serious Black) who recorded the keyboards for most songs of the album. Mina Giannopoulou who recorded some female vocals for the songs “Break The Core” and “Remedy Of My Heart” and Astrous (Aenaon) who contributed with some growls for “Break The Core” and “Remedy Of My Heart.

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