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Blind Guardian at Center Stage Theater, Atlanta

Center Stage Theater

Venue Details:

  • Location: First Floor, Main Entrance
  • Capacity: 1050 Persons, 700 Seats
  • Seating Chart: View Seat Chart
  • Bars: Three Full Service Bars
  • Food: Pizza on selected dates
  • Event: ProgPower USA XVII (Wednesday-Saturday)

About ProgPower USA at The Center Stage Theater

ProgPower USA has a legendary history of bringing together a wide selection of bands in a unique and powerful way that has garnered a rabid and enthusiastic fan base. Many attendees consider themselves part of an extended family and a large contributing factor to this sense of community is the venue. While the festival sells out every year, there are no plans to move to a larger place. The festival has a laudable focus on quality and a deep appreciation of the close, intimate atmosphere that Centerstage provides. This is the perfect place to experience what are consistently one of a kind performances like Jon Oliva’s legendary recreation of the classic Savatage album, “Streets” and Pain of Salvation’s “Remedy Lane”. From farewell performances and historic reunions to US debuts like Angra and Nightwish, this festival always delivers the best. Progressive and power metal are theatrical genres of music with huge, epic soundscapes that pair perfectly with elaborate and creative light shows. The state of the art sound and light systems of Centerstage are superlative and the theaters high ceiling and enormous open air make it feel closer to an outdoor show than the claustrophobic feel of many clubs shows. ProgPower USA is the yearly highlight for many attendees and has created memories that will never be forgotten. The Center Stage Theater is a 1050 capacity performance space with 700 permanent seats that are fixed at a steep angle, providing unobstructed sight-lines from anywhere in the house.

Venue Gallery

Photo gallery of the Center Stage Theater & ProgPower USA.