ProgPower USA Annual Corset NIght

Corset Night 2016 Group Photo

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Friday, September 8th


One of the most unique and certainly most enjoyable aspects of ProgPower USA is Corset Night. What started as a serendipitous and unplanned fashion statement by a handful of bold women has grown into an communal event that attracts almost as much attention and enthusiasm as many of the top bands on the roster.Whether you are a festival veteran or a new attendee, please join us and be a part in our annual Corset Night event!

In The Beginning

As Jaime Kimpton and Lara Weidenbach laced up their outfits for the first time at ProgPower IV, little did they know,  that they would become new friends and help inspire a sensational and key part of an already stellar festival.

Since then the Corset Night has grown in size and scope as the women of PPUSA enthusiastically participate in a night that is playfully kinky, supportive and empowering. A mix of vibe that is part ren fair, part fetish/goth, part cos play; the Corset Night has a lot of flavors and a wide variety of expression. Corset materials, styles and historical references all play a part in shaping the look and feel of the yearly gathering which is highly anticipated by participants and observers alike.


Corset Night 2015

A Festival Tradition

At the beginning, the now classic shot of all the ladies gathering around promoter Glenn Harveston was taken by a fellow attendee, just above the stairwell but as the numbers grew everyone moved to the garage and professional event photographer, Allen Ross Thomas began taking these memorable images.


ProgPower USA XVI Annual Corset Night (2015)


ProgPower USA XV Annual Corset Night (2014)


ProgPower USA XIV Annual Corset Night (2013)


ProgPower USA XIII Annual Corset Night (2012)


ProgPower USA XII Annual Corset Night (2011)


ProgPower USA XI Annual Corset Night (2010)

Join The Corset Night Group

The natural and organic growth of Corset Night is remarkable and it underscores the festival’s ability to grow natural and sustaining communities within the overall body of attendees. Without direction or oversight, people who gather at ProgPower USA find their extended family in a number of ways and Corset Night is one that is not to be missed.