New Site Launched


Welcome to the new!

We’ve worked really hard this year to provide a great multi-device experience with the new website. So many of us rely on the site, just as many while at the festival, that we wanted to make sure it’s fast and easy to jump around and find what you need. We utilized Wayne Joyner‘s amazing design elements as inspiration for the website, can he get any more amazing?

I (Deron) would also like to thank Glenn, Jen and crew for welcoming me back into the ProgPower USA family. I approached Glenn about wanting to “keep my chops up” and to let me know if he ever needed some help on the web side of things. As fate would have it, here I am. So, when not toiling away at my own Shining Sol Candle Company business (we make band candles you know?!), I’ll be tweaking away at the PPUSA website. I also want to give a hat tip to Justin Richardson for assisting with some Photoshop duties for the website.

If you experience any problems or have any feedback about the site, please let us know via email at