It is with sadness and frustration I must announce Wind Rose has been forced to cancel their appearance this year. I feel terrible for them as they lost their U.S. tour as well. Once again, inconsistencies in the visa process are the culprit. There is simply no method to the USCIS madness at times. While I was not involved in their application process, I do not blame the band, the manager, or the booking agent at all. They simply hit the same wall we all have hit previously through no fault of their own. Honestly, this has been one of the most difficult years yet for obtaining visas. I want to thank everyone involved in this difficult situation for keeping me in the loop and making the transition easier. I truly hope to host the band in the future. I have already confirmed the replacement and will announce them at 4pm today.

Wind Rose Statement:

“Due to consequences surrounding the difficult immigration climate that is on going in the United States at the moment, we are beyond disappointed to announce that we will be pulling out of our planned performance at Prog Power and our debut North American tour with Arkona this Fall. This was a necessary precautionary measure due to major delays in visa processing times and further difficulties beyond our control. There is none more disappointed then Wind Rose about this, but fear not, as the Dwarves are resilient in tough times and we will keep the anvil hot for you. Plans are already under way to make this up and we will tour North America as soon as possible with all the right tools at hand! Thank you for understanding”
– Wind Rose