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Ice Age Band

Band Members:

Josh Pincus – Vocals, Keyboards
Jimmy Pappas – Guitar
Doug Odell – Bass
Hal Aponte – Drums, Percussion

Band Info:

Year Formed – 1992
Country – USA
Record Label – Sensory



Waves of Loss and Power

Ice Age - Liberation


Ice Age - The Great Divide

The Great Divide



Originally formed on Long Island, New York, Ice Age began in 1991 when college friends Josh Pincus (lead vocals, keyboards) and Jimmy Pappas (guitars) clicked over a mutual passion for classic and progressive rock with a penchant for heavier music undercurrents. With the additions of drummer/percussionist Hal Aponte and bassist Arron DiCesare, the band moved quickly from what began as an all-instrumental outfit (called Monolith) to vocally-oriented songwriting, with Pincus stepping up to the microphone.

By the time go-to prog label Magna Carta/Sony snatched up the band, Ice Age had fully developed their unique sound, which led to 1999’s THE GREAT DIVIDE. This ambitious debut stands the test of time, acclaimed and sought-after by progressive rock and prog metal fans alike.

As the band further honed their live chops, they dove with equal fervor into the creation of their sophomore record, 2001’s LIBERATION, pushing the boundaries even further with melodic heights and metallic crunch. Arron moved on, and bassist Doug Odell entered the fold just in time to promote the new album. European touring and festivals followed before the quartet took an extended break.

Fast forward to the late 2010s, where Pappas, Pincus, Aponte, and Odell continued to stay in close contact and found themselves compelled to craft new music with no agenda beyond pleasing themselves. As it became quickly evident that the magic remained (with allure to spare), the band convened for intensive writing and recording sessions over the course of several years. Now, progressive music label Sensory Records is responsible for the band’s triumphant return with their 3rd full-length album, “Waves of Loss and Power.”