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The Cyberiam

Band Members:

Keith Semple – Vocals, Guitar
Brian Kovacs – Vocals, Bass
Tommy Murray – Drums
Frank Lucas – Keyboards

Band Info:

Year Formed – 2016
Country – USA
Record Label – Independent


The Cyberiam - Connected


The Cyberiam - The Butterfly Effect (EP)

The Butterfly Effect (EP)

The Cyberiam - S/T

The Cyberiam



Comprised of some of Chicago’s most accomplished musicians, The Cyberiam have come together to create their own unique brand of hard/heavy progressive rock. The Aaron Clift Experiment described their music as “heavy, atmospheric prog of bands like Porcupine Tree and Tool with a good melodic and pop sensibility”. Their albums, Blu-ray, and stunning live shows have them rapidly building a rabid following.

The band began in 2016 when Keith Semple wanted to form a band wih a progressive rock influence. He met keyboard player Frank Lucas at a concert when Lucas recognized Semple’s Dream Theater tattoo. Semple had crossed paths with Lateralus drummer Tommy Murray on numerous occasions. The trio began writing what would become the band’s first album, then Murray invited Full Moon Fire band mate, Brian Kovacs, to add his beefy bass. With the band fully formed, writing and recording completed, The Cyberiam’s self-titled debut was released in 2018. That year was filled with producing videos, performing live shows including Progtoberfest IV, and receiving a host of accolades.

• DPRP Writers’ Best Albums of 2021 (so far) “CONNECTED”
• Debut Prog Metal Album of the Year – Sonic Perspectives
• Best Debut Album & Best Chicago Prog – Progrock.com

• #6 Heavy Prog & Progressive Metal Album – Dutch Progressive Rock Page

The Cyberiam spent 2019 focusing less on their live shows and heading back into the studio. They released “The Butterfly Effect”, an epic 21-minute track, as an EP in May. They also released “Live in The Cyberiam”, their full production, live performance from The Copley Theater on Blu-Ray in October.

While the band did perform a few live shows in the Chicago area in 2019, The Cyberiam’s main performance focus was at ProgStock 2019, an annual progressive rock festival held in Rahway, NJ on Columbus Day Weekend. Fans were “blown away” by their performance which was heralded as “the biggest surprise” of the weekend and some even said they were “best band of the weekend”.

2020 saw the band opening Marillion’s Couch Convention in September. They put their lockdown time to good use preparing the much-lauded “Forging Nations LIVE!” for release in December 4, 2020.

• Prog-Rock Live Albums of the Year – Sonic Perspectives
• Top Five Albums of 2020 Honorable Mention – Progtopia

The band began 2021 by completing their already critically acclaimed second full studio album “CONNECTED”. It was released on August 6th, and is available worldwide now.