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Our website is very informative and some of the answers to your questions may be found under one of the categories. We also urge you to visit the Frequently Asked Questions section that addresses the most popular questions that our patrons have had over the years.

If you still cannot find the answers you are seeking, we offer a couple options to reach out to us below.

Via Email

Please use the following email address to get in touch with us for all questions relating to the festival or the homepage:

Report A Problem

Would you kindly let us know if you experience any strange website behavior? Please contact us by filling out the form or by emailing us at the address above.

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Artist Submission

We listen to every band that contacts us, and we will respond to you eventually. However, please understand that we receive multiple requests each day from bands that would like to play the festival, and we only have 14 bands performing in total each year.

If your band is not chosen to perform at ProgPower USA it doesn’t necessarily mean that we didn’t like your music.

Promotion Opportunities

Each year we release an event magazine and a multiple CD-set (both handed out for free to all attendees of the festival). Make sure that your band gets a spot on the sampler CD or in the mag – for more info, please visit the PROMO section of this site.