What about Covid issues?

Roster subject to change due to potential Covid cancellations & visa issues for international bands. No refunds unless the event is canceled or postponed. In the best interest of fans and staff, the Event Organizer [...]

Why do you announce things so early?

Many bands have their schedules set up to a year in advance. Thus, I have to get started early. Furthermore, I would rather you hear the news come directly from me instead of a rumor [...]

Where can I find tickets?

Tickets are available via all Ticketmaster outlets. Secondary sales are allowed to be posted on our official forum once the event is sold-out. Please refer to our Tickets page for further information.

What is a Gold Badge and how can I get a Gold Badge?

Gold Badges are very advanced ticket sales with several “special perks” not available to the regular ticket holder. At the present time, no badges are available to the public. If some do become available, ProgPower [...]

What is/ how do I become a sponsor?

A sponsor is either an individual or group of individuals that have donated a specific amount to assist with a specific band’s expenses. These donations help shape the roster as a band with a sponsor will receive [...]

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