ProgPower USA

ProgPower USA XXII will take place September 6-9, 2023.

Ticket information:

Tickets for Days 3 & 4 will go on sale on Saturday, Sept 10th at 12:00pm EST via Ticketmaster. Cost is $250. Days 3 & 4 Individual tickets will NOT be sold.
Please note that you are purchasing a “series” ticket – meaning you will receive individual tickets for each night (same as always) despite paying one price. As such, Ticketmaster does not allow those to be re-sold on their website later on. That is their policy. If this is an issue, do NOT purchase tickets. Bitching about it will get you nowhere as I put the policy to a public vote and it was overwhelming to keep things “as is.”
Tickets for Day 2 will go on sale in Oct/Nov. Tickets for Day 1 will follow approximately a month after that. Price is TBA.
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ProgPower USA XXII poster

ProgPower USA XXII Roster

Friday – Day 3


Caligula’s Horse

Green Carnation

Ad Infinitum

Wind Rose


Saturday – Day 4


Unleash the Archers


Orbit Culture


Poverty’s No Crime

Wednesday – Day 1


Thursday – Day 2

Beast in Black


The Halo Effect

Zero Hour

Seven Kingdoms