ELEINE have canceled their ProgPower USA festival appearance. You can read their statement below. To clarify, the costs they reference are for more than just the festival appearance alone. I have nothing further to add. A replacement will be named as soon as possible.
– Glenn


It is with heavy hearts we have to announce that we won’t attend to Progpower USA in the US this fall. You may be asking why – and the reason is unfortunately that all the increased costs, especially with the very sudden highly increased visa fees, has made this impossible for us as a Swedish band to play/tour in the US.

We, our management, and our booking agency have turned every stone, turned our selves inside out to try to solve this but we’re left in a position that’s out of our control where we have no choice but to cancel.

We understand some of you will feel disappointed, and we can assure you; we are the most disappointed. We’ve been wanting to play this festival for years AND.. we miss our US legions after last year’s great tour.

We’re heartbroken. We hope you continue to stand by our side and understand that there’s truly nothing we can do about this situation.

We will do our best to be able to return to the US.

With love,
Madeleine, Rikard, Jesper, Victor and Filip