What about Covid issues?2022-09-09T23:12:41-04:00

Roster subject to change due to potential Covid cancellations & visa issues for international bands. No refunds unless the event is canceled or postponed.

In the best interest of fans and staff, the Event Organizer will continue to monitor local COVID-19 trends and meet or exceed protocols mandated by local governments. By purchasing tickets to this event, unless prohibited by law, you agree to abide by the health and safety measures in effect at the time of the event, which may include, but not be limited to, wearing masks, providing proof of vaccination status and/or providing proof of negative COVID-19 test. Check back often for updates to your event venue website as guidelines are subject to change.

Tickets are not available for resale via the Ticketmaster website due to being purchased as a series.

Why Atlanta? That’s not a metal city!2017-10-31T00:20:06-04:00

It’s the perfect centralized location for domestic and international travel. It also helps that Glenn lives near there.

Why September/October? Wouldn’t it be easier to do it in the Summer?2017-10-31T00:19:59-04:00

1. Airfares are cheaper in the fall.
2. It is impossible to compete with the European festival circuit in the summer.

Why do you announce things so early?2017-10-31T00:19:48-04:00

Many bands have their schedules set up to a year in advance. Thus, I have to get started early. Furthermore, I would rather you hear the news come directly from me instead of a rumor spread by someone at one of the record labels or management firms. It has become a tradition to announce the next year’s roster via a video presentation after the Friday night headliner. The moment is meant to be shared by the fans in attendance first.

Where can I find tickets?2017-10-31T00:19:25-04:00

Tickets are available via all Ticketmaster outlets. Secondary sales are allowed to be posted on our official forum once the event is sold-out. Please refer to our Tickets page for further information.

The admission ticket seems pretty pricey, why is that?2017-10-31T00:14:12-04:00

If you want the best, then you have to pay for the best. This is not a cheap show to produce, especially when you consider the quality of the bands to pay for with the small number of tickets sold. 

Will there be individual day ticket sales offered?2017-10-31T00:13:45-04:00

Individual tickets are only offered 2 months prior to the event (if the event has not already sold-out). 

What is a Gold Badge and how can I get a Gold Badge?2017-10-31T00:13:14-04:00

Gold Badges are very advanced ticket sales with several “special perks” not available to the regular ticket holder. At the present time, no badges are available to the public. If some do become available, ProgPower USA will post an update to the ticket information section. You can email me at anytime to be placed on the waiting list. 

The band I wanted to see was replaced. Can I get a refund?2020-04-10T12:03:26-04:00

Our roster is subject to change pending visa approvals for bands travelling into the United States. Refunds will not be granted for any lineup changes.

What is/ how do I become a sponsor?2017-10-31T00:12:48-04:00

sponsor is either an individual or group of individuals that have donated a specific amount to assist with a specific band’s expenses. These donations help shape the roster as a band with a sponsor will receive consideration over one without. There is no guarantee that a band you are willing to sponsor will be selected. If they are not, then their sponsorship is withdrawn. Sponsors become VIPs in that they have full access to the venue, including backstage and the private band bar.

At the present time, no new sponsorships are available.

How difficult is travel in Atlanta? Do I need to rent a car?2017-10-31T00:12:23-04:00

No. You can catch MARTA (public transit) directly from the airport to a station that is less than a block from the venue. The cost per person is $2.25 each way.  

What is the parking situation around the venue?2019-08-29T16:13:59-04:00

There are two parking garages at the venue. They are not operated by the venue. There is also a lot across the street (across 17th street) that offers parking. Please visit our Parking directory for better details.

What late night travel options are there when the festival is over?2017-10-31T00:11:28-04:00

Please be warned that the Marta System stops running prior to the end of the show. You will need to make arrangements if you are not walking. We suggest using Uber as taxis in Atlanta are hard to come by late at night.

How about hotels?2017-10-31T00:10:58-04:00

There are numerous hotels within walking distance of the venue, including The Artmore Hotel (our official festival hotel). You can walk everywhere. Check out the Hotel section of the website for more details.

You’ve sold out almost every year. Why not move it to a bigger location?2017-10-31T00:10:33-04:00

The focus of ProgPower USA will always be quality over quantity. It is very difficult to find a larger venue that accommodates the type of atmosphere I create at an affordable price. As Glenn has always said, “I would rather have a sold-out show in a smaller, first class venue than a half-empty show in an arena. The intimacy of the show on a first class level is what makes it one of the most unique festivals in the world.”

Can we enter and exit the venue during the festival?2017-10-31T00:10:04-04:00

Yes. Both the venue and ProgPower USA reserve the right to stop this in the event of any trouble. Please be courteous to the security at the front door if you wish to keep these privileges.

Is the venue assigned seating or general admission?2017-10-31T00:09:37-04:00

The entire festival is general admission. We do not condone seat saving for extended periods of time. Please be courteous at our request.

Is there an age requirement?2017-10-31T00:09:10-04:00

No. This is an all-ages event. 

What is the venue smoking policy?2017-10-31T00:08:40-04:00

Georgia state law requires you to smoke outside since this is an all-ages shows.

What is The Loft and Vinyl? Are they different locations from Center Stage?2017-10-31T00:08:15-04:00

Center Stage Theater is the name of the music complex and is also the main setting for the festival. The Loft is a separate club upstairs with a capacity of 600. Vinyl is a smaller club adjacent to the Center Stage hallway and has a capacity of 300. More information regarding the adjoining venues can be found on The Venue page.

Am I permitted to bring a camera and take photos?2017-10-31T00:07:49-04:00

Digital cameras are now allowed for everyone. Tri-pods and large camera bags are still prohibited as well as large external flash units.

How do I get a photo pass to take pictures in front of the stage barrier?2017-10-31T00:07:21-04:00

You do not. These are only given to press or personnel that are hired by ProgPower USA. All others that are in the front of the barrier at anytime are VIPs. 

What about food/drinks?2017-10-31T00:06:44-04:00

Center Stage has several bars and beer gardens to take care of your thirst. Their in-house restaurant/food vendor is also available. No food or drink may be brought into the venue or taken out. You can also check out our Dining section for restaurants in the venue vicinity that attendees have recommended over the years.

Will there be vendors at the venue where I can buy merchandise including CDs, DVDs, records, t-shirts, etc? Where is this Vinyl place?2017-10-31T00:06:13-04:00

Yes. The vendors bring a ton of merchandise including cds, dvds, t-shirts, etc. It is the individual decision of the band whether to bring their own merchandise to sell. The vendors are located within Vinyl while the official band merchandise is located within the Center Stage lobby. 

Do the vendors accept credit cards?2017-10-31T00:05:47-04:00

Credit Cards are an individual vendor decision and are not taken by the individual bands. You should be prepared to bring cash if possible or to visit an ATM (two are located on premises in the main lobby).

Are all bands really going to be there? I don’t see the date listed on their website.2017-10-31T00:05:23-04:00

It is the policy of ProgPower USA to not announce the roster until after a written contract is in place. Feel free to check with each band or their management for verification of the confirmation. ProgPower USA does not book via record labels, so there is no point in contacting someone like Century Media as they tend to find things out the same day you do. As for website verification, you have to realize that it does take time for the bands to update their site, some longer than others. 

How long are the sets?2017-10-31T00:04:49-04:00

Sets range from 60 minutes for the opener to 90 minutes (sometimes longer) for the headliner.

What is the best way to keep up with festival changes and updates?2017-10-31T00:04:24-04:00

We will announce any changes via the website News page and all of our social media platforms. The quickest updates will always be found via our official Facebook or Twitter pages. 

Will the bands be doing any official signings?2017-10-31T00:03:58-04:00

The bands have the option of doing so. A lot of bands will remain available to you throughout the event for pictures, autographs, etc. Signings are located in the lobby area, as designated in the event program you will receive at the festival.

Is there a festival t-shirt?2017-10-31T00:03:23-04:00

Yes. However, please keep in mind that production is limited. Don’t wait to get your shirt, they go quickly. If we ever have extras or make another press run, you can find information for this on our Merch page.

How can I get on the ProgPower USA band roster?2017-10-31T00:02:57-04:00

It is by invitation only at the present. However, we are always willing to listen to new things. Please email us for further details. 

How can I get on the ProgPower USA CD sampler that is free to all attendees? How do I get an advertisement in the free program?2017-10-31T00:02:25-04:00

Visit the Advertising section of the website for information. Please visit our Contact Us page to reach out to us  for further details.

Can I bring in my CD/promo material to distribute?2017-10-31T00:01:27-04:00

Yes, but please wait until after all promo bags have been handed out Friday night. However, you are not allowed to sell any material for any reason. You may also want to consider getting maximum exposure by booking a track/ad on our CD Sampler and/or Event Program offerings available on this website.

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